Posted by: smstrouse | August 13, 2010

To Wed or Not to Wed? That is the Question!

I have an email from back in June reminding me that we need to update our website to reflect changes due to Prop 8. I know, I know; we’re a little slow – or maybe we’ve been in denial. We had such a wonderful time when same-gender marriage was legal in CA.  We did add a little information about Prop 8,  but our invitation for couples to plan their weddings with us was, for all intents and purposes, put on hold.

But now Prop 8 has been overturned!  Hooray!  It is looking likely that marriages may resume after August 18, pending appeals to higher courts.  Sponsors of the anti-gay marriage initiative warn that nuptials performed before a final decision is reached will be clouded by uncertainty. But challengers counter that gay men and lesbians are capable of deciding for themselves whether to marry now or wait until the appeals conclude.

So there you are: To Wed or Not to Wed?  It’s your decision.  Granted, marriage is a big step anyway, and this adds another layer to the decision-making process.  But we, and many other welcoming and affirming churches, are ready to help plan your wedding, if your answer to the question is “Yes!”.   

So here’s what’s going on our website (at least for now):

Weddings at First United

On May 15, 2008, the California Supreme Court ruled that the right to marry extends to all couples. We celebrate this decision which gives same-gender couples the freedom to marry in California. We congratulate all couples who have been married in this new “Summer of Love.” 

UPDATE: On November 4, 2008, some voters in California passed Proposition 8, which attempts to embed a policy of discrimination into the state constitution.  However, marriages before the passage of Proposition 8 remain legally recognized.

UPDATE: On August 4, 2010, federal judge Vaughn R. Walker declared the ban on same-gender marriage unconstitutional, but temporarily stayed his ruling.  On August 12, 2010, Judge Walker lifted the stay.  Barring intervention by the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals or the Supreme Court of the United States, same-sex marriages will be allowed to resume in California on August 18, 2010.

SO ONCE AGAIN, we celebrate this decision which gives same-gender couples the freedom to marry in California.  And we invite those who are planning to be married to let us help you plan your wedding. (There’s  more info on the website and you can go to if you want to know more about us.) 

Even though the final outcome of the appeals process is unknown, we affirm the decision of those who will step out in faith. Marriage itself is a leap of faith!  We move into the future in faith that the right to marry – or not – will at last be available to all people.



  1. You make a good point about marriage requiring a leap of faith…let the weddings begin!


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