Posted by: smstrouse | March 5, 2011

A Christian and a Pagan Walk into a Cafe . . .

I’ve always liked the song, The Christians and the Pagans by Dar Williams. I like the idea of these two groups sitting down for a meal and discovering their common humanity.  And I especially like it when I get to do it. Like today – I had lunch with a friend from the Interfaith Center who is a Wiccan priest.

I always learn a lot from this friend. He’s intelligent, learned, and always interested in what we Christians are up to – which from a Wiccan perspective is always a good thing anyway;  the ‘burning times’ will never be far enough in the past to be forgotten.

The interesting I learned this time is that the Christians may actually be stealing members from the Pagans. Or at least keeping members who might have left Christianity for Pagan pastures. Why is this so?  Because of our rediscovery of Creation. People who used to look to the earth-based traditions (e.g. Wicca, Native American) are now able to find reverence and care for the earth within Christianity.

I am sure that for many people there are other reasons to identify with Paganism, and I do not mean to detract from their traditions or imply that they should all become Christians. But I do find cause to rejoice in the gift that they have brought to us of awareness and love of the goodness of Creation.

Several years ago, I took one of those online quizzes that would tell you what religion you should be – and I turned out to be Neo-Pagan.  But I realized as I was taking it that the answer lay it in the questions that were asked. I knew that questions asking about care for the earth would put me into the Pagan, not Christian category.

So I wonder if that might be changing now. And I wonder what new and interesting developments might be ahead for our conversations – when the Christian and the Pagan walk into a cafe . . .


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