Posted by: smstrouse | October 22, 2011

Apocolypse – Now?!

 Well, here we are.  It’s October 22nd and the world has (again) not ended.  Although to be fair, end-of-the-world prophet Harold Camping predicted this time that the end would ‘probably’ happen on October 21st.  His prediction of a May 21st rapture, of course did not come to pass, so this was a recalculation.

So now that we’ve got this settled – and before we get distracted by the Mayan calendar end-of-the-world-in-2012 adherents – can we agree that we have some big problems to deal with here on our big old earth? And it would be better if we’d work on solving them rather than looking to escape from them?

Change is happening around the world:

  • The ‘Arab Spring’ is bringing about new configurations of leadership and national identity.
  • The environmental movement is finally becoming widely accepted.
  • ‘Occupy Wall Street’ and all of its offspring is creating a grassroots response to systemic problems in our own government.

Change is not easy. Movements are not monolithic. Positive outcomes are not guaranteed.  We need to get busy. And we need to replace the end-of-the-world predictions of Harold Camping and his ilk with the words of Mahatma Ghandi: “Be the change you want to see in the world.”  And I might add: this world.


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