Posted by: smstrouse | November 17, 2012

Gratitude on the Green Carpet

Yes, they even had a green carpet!  Last week I attended the  Energy Oscar Awards given by California Interfaith Power and Light .  And was I ever impressed and inspired!  I’ve been getting more immersed in the dire situation of our planet and the need of the religious community to get on the ball around this issue.  It’s easy to be overwhelmed  and even to fall into despair about our willingness to make the changes necessary to heal the earth. But then I met a whole roomful of people – including members of five congregations who received Energy Oscars.  There were four different categories of awards for their outstanding efforts to address global warming in their communities:

  • Energy Efficiency Oscar
  • Education Oscar
  • Advocacy Oscar
  • Green Building Oscar

(you can see all the winners at

IP&L’s website reports that “this year’s Energy Oscars brought a wider geographic diversity among the finalists than ever before. We highlighted congregations from the usual large urban areas, like Oakland and San Jose, but also had houses of worship from Modesto, Rancho Mirage, La Verne and even the first congregation to go solar in Bakersfield. It’s great to see the expansion of sustainable efforts throughout all parts of California.”

It was great!  And it gives me something to be grateful for this Thanksgiving season – beyond my gratitude for family and friends and health and wealth (or at least sufficient wealth) – and inspired me to keep a grateful heart for all of creation.  It also encouraged me to keep an activist heart and determination to be part of the faith community’s responsibility and response.

And on the subject of Thanksgiving:  check out their Climate-friendly Holiday Meal Tips  for your big dinner next week. (

Thanks, Interfaith Power and Light – for giving me hope and inspiration!  By the grace and power of the One who is the creator of all, the work will go on.



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