Posted by: smstrouse | November 2, 2013

Spiritual Chiropractic


A car accident can really mess up your body. Lots of people told me to expect problems down the road. While I didn’t disbelieve them, I didn’t anticipate the ongoing challenge of getting my equilibrium back – even after 2 months. I’ve been seeing my chiropractor weekly since the accident, but lately I’ve needed some more intense treatment. For some reason my spine keeps going out of alignment. Thankfully, I know who to turn to and where to go to get a tune-up for my physical self.

All this has made me wonder about the times our spiritual selves get out of alignment. Where do we go and what do we do? Even if you’re a regular church-goer, the Sunday service might not provide all you need. Especially if you’re clergy or involved  in leadership in some way, Sunday can be a time of serving, but not attending to your own spiritual needs. So what to do when you need a chiropractor for the soul?

San Damiano

Yes, you can talk to your pastor or spiritual director. But I’ve found that there are also other practices that can help with spiritual realignment. One of these, of course, is the labyrinth. Especially if I enter with a specific problem, concern or feeling, being open to the wisdom that often comes while I’m walking.


I’ve also found that taking my cell phone with me on regular walks can be a spiritual practice. No, not to
make phone calls or play games, but to take pictures. As I walk I try to be attentive to the little things I see along the way – plants, flowers, details of buildings, cracks in the sidewalk – anything unusual and thought-provoking. Not only does this slow me down and make me less goal-oriented, it also helps me to be more attentive to the presence of God everywhere.


And of course there’s music. I downloaded two new CDs of meditative music, plus one of the sound of ocean waves. Very spiritually chiropractic!

Then there’s coloring – yes, coloring! I especially love my mandala coloring books and find that the calming activity is actually a meditative practice. To make it even more fun, you can put together a Smilebox creation. I made one using mandalas I colored and excerpts from the poetry of Rumi. You can check it out by clicking here.

And another of Hildegard of Bingen pictures accompanied by her music. Click here.

What kinds of spiritual chiropractices have you found to helpful in keeping your spirit aligned?


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