Posted by: smstrouse | January 3, 2014

An Elephant, a Giraffe and a Zebra Walk into a Stable

2018-12-29 15.47.06When I first purchased my new salt glaze pottery Nativity set two years ago, I was surprised to find some unusual figures in the stable. Along with Mary and Joseph and the baby Jesus were the traditional complement of cows and sheep. But wonder of wonders, there were also two (oversize) ducks!

I’ve come to love those big old ducks in the stable. Once I got over thinking I had to take the Nativity literally, I really started getting into the spirit of the story (which is the point, right?!)

This year, I was delighted to find, on one of my nocturnal eBay crawls, some new critters for the stable:


an elephant2018-12-29 15.45.54



a giraffe

2018-12-29 15.46.49    and a zebra!


2018-12-29 15.46.19

My best Christmas present to myself this year, for sure. Notice that they’re not proportionate in size either – must be something about folk art. But again, how appropriate is that?!

We’re all gathered in the stable, the whole range of human and non-human diversity big and small, where we seek an encounter with the Holy.

And still to come – the Magi, to guide us into Epiphany, into light, into dreams, into revelations of Holy Presence.

Such a magi-cal season. How blessed are we to have twelve whole days to take it all in – and then another whole season more! Blessed Epiphany, everyone!

2018-12-29 15.47.58


  1. “Magi-cal” 😀


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