Posted by: smstrouse | April 5, 2014

McCutcheon vs. Beatitudes


183654819 Words cannot express my dismay at the Supreme Court ruling in the McCutcheon v. FEC case, which has struck down overall limits on campaign contributions.

The rationale that contribution limits do not act to prevent corruption is ludicrous. And the idea that imposing such limits infringes on the right of free speech of the very rich is beyond absurd. I can only wonder at the motivation of the members of the Court who agreed with this inanity. The dissenting justices must have wept after the ruling.

To put it into a spiritual framework, there is only one place to turn: the Beatitudes.images-1
Yes, I know. In the face of such an endorsement of plutocratic power and might, the alternative outlined by Jesus looks utterly ridiculous. Blessed are the poor? The meek? The peacemakers? McCutcheon and his ilk laugh in our faces.

But I say to McCutcheon (and Roberts, Scalia, Kennedy, Thomas and Alito) that it’s time to claim it and support it and work for it and vote for it. How can we, as followers of Jesus, not?

Yes, we’ll sound naive, crazy to those who don’t understand the upside-down wisdom and power of God, who loves all equally, without regard to the size of our bank accounts. But if we hear the words of the Beatitudes as the vision that God has for us, then we know we are on the side of righteousnes.

Then there’s also the Canticle of Mary. Here is no schmaltzy, over-spiritualized Mary, but a truth-teller of the most powerful kind.

My soul proclaims your greatness, O God, and my spirit rejoices in you.
You have looked with love on your servant here and blessed me all my life through.

Great and mighty are you, O holy One. Strong is your kindness evermore.

How you favor the weak and lowly ones, humbling the proud of heart
You have cast the mighty down from their thrones and uplifted the humble of heart.
You have filled the hungry with wondrous things and left the wealthy no part
Great and mighty are you O faithful one. Strong is your justicestrong your love.
As you promised to Sarah and Abraham, kindness for evermore.

My should proclaims your greatness, O God, and my spirit rejoices in you
You have looked with love on your servant here and blessed me all my life through.

Between the lyrics of this song and the words of Jesus in the Beatitudes, we have our marching orders. Weeping and wailing is not enough.

The realm of God is now – claim it!



  1. I actually rejoice with the greater absurdities of our entrenched paragons of political power. The people have been empowered by access to the internet. Money doesn’t necessarily buy airtime anymore.


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