Posted by: smstrouse | February 27, 2015

Saving Jesus from the Apocaplyse

c755b2b4bc8c723a1a0268de88ab1ae5Holy Doomsday! I didn’t get the memo. Until now. Thankfully I received an email telling me: “Worldwide, everyone feels that the prophesied Apocalypse is very close.” It also offered links to helpful articles, such as “Another PROOF that the 4 April 2015 Blood Moon will start the 150-day Apocalypse!”

As I wondered why my spam filter let this through, I also thought about our discussion group just the day before on “What Can We Know about Jesus (and How?)” – part of the Saving Jesus DVD series. Promo materials ask: “Ever feel like Jesus has been kidnapped by the Christian Right and discarded by the Secular Left?”

It includes offerings from a diverse range of contemporary theologians, biblical scholars and just plain folks talking about a progressive way of thinking about Jesus, the Bible and Christianity in general.
(you can find out more about it at http://www.livingthequestions.coUnknownm)

The theme question for each session is: “What element or learning from this session do you think will be most important in “Saving Jesus” in the 21st century?” After this week’s  juxtaposition of Saving Jesus and The Prophesied Apocalypse,  I’d say that it’s the importance of getting the word out about a Christianity that isn’t based on intimidation and fear.

Granted, the “Blood Moon will start the 150-day Apocalypse” fringe is just that – the fringe. But there’s enough bad religion out there being done in the name of Jesus to warrant a rescue operation. Some members of our discussion group even lamented the inclusion of “Jesus” in the title, wondering if some might not understand that it wasn’t about “that kind of religion.”

Christianity_Jesus_meditating_golden_lightWe’ve got a lot of work to do, folks, if we want to be a voice for Jesus in the midst of the  Christian Right and Secular Left. My greatest hope is that people – even those who have been hurt or rejected in the past, those who don’t know anything about religion or the Bible, those who don’t agree with all the doctrines of the church, those who don’t know what they believe – will find a safe place to discuss all of these things.

And if you can’t find such a place, the good news is that you can start one! Get a copy of Saving Jesus – and let the conversation begin!





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