Posted by: smstrouse | October 19, 2015

PWR: Final Day

Big panic! Late yesterday afternoon, I discovered that my workshop no longer appeared on the Parliament app. The app was now the only way to keep up to date on schedules; the print version was hopelessly out of date. I rushed to find a volunteer to help find someone who could restore me to virtual life. I came upon a group of  young people in green volunteer shirts, but they were getting ready to leave for the day. But one kind young man offered to take me to the volunteer center to see what we could do about my problem. As the staff person there tried to figure out what had happened, I leaned that my new young friend was a Hindu who was studying Christianity in his world religions class. So I asked him if he had any questions – and he asked me to explain the Trinity!!!

So I did – at least my version of it.

The app problem did get resolved and my workshop on the Christian intrafaith conversation
went great. There were about 40 people in attendance, mostly all Christian. But there were a few from other traditions – including the Hindu student!

Then, on to the next workshop. “Christian Theology Facing Challenges from Religions: LeaIMG_0611rnings from a Seminary Course” was the perfect follow-up to mine. Seminary students from Chicago were at the Parliament as part of their course work. One of their teachers is Manuel Friere, descendant of Paolo.

IMG_0612Another is Parliament board member, the Rev. Dr. Shanta D. Premawardhana. The students spent their week meeting and interviewing members of different traditions and then reflecting on the questions and challenges they found to their own traditions and beliefs – what I’ve been calling “passing over and coming back.” I came away with a vision of having a course like this at the Graduate Theological Union!

Even though the Parliament is officially over, it’s really not. I just got a call from First United member, Orion Pitts, who has met an imam at the Salt Lake City Amtrak station. The iman’s PhD thesis: Islam’s influence on Martin Luther. So stay tuned for more interfaith and intrafaith news.





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