Posted by: smstrouse | February 12, 2016

Great Jesus on a Dinosaur!

fish-kissWoo hoo! We finally made it onto the reactionary anti-ELCA blog for our participation in Evolution Weekend again this year. The blog shall remain nameless because it is so far off the deep end that it’s ridiculous and I don’t want to give it any publicity. Suffice it to say that it accuses the ELCA (Evangelical Lutheran Church in America) of “trying to discredit the historical account of Genesis . . . because they have decided that God did not, as He said, create the universe in six 24 hour days.”

Well, yeah.

I find it hard to believe that anyone in a mainline denomination still reads the creation story as literalJesus_dino_cowboy fact. Still, even among us liberals and progressives – there’s work to be done. In “Christology-Cosmology,” Zachary Hayes wrote:

For those educated in the Western world in the 20th centu­ry, the physical vision of the cosmos has changed drastically. But our religious language, shaped at least in part by what is now seen to be an archaic physics, has remained largely unchanged in theology and liturgy.

“As contemporary believers, we live in two worlds. In our everyday experience, we live in a culture deeply conditioned by the insights and theories of modern science. But in the context of the church, its theology, and its liturgy, we live in a premodem world.

That’s why this year at First United we’re having “An Evolutionary Lent.” We’re going to look through the lens of science to see if we can make sense of the statement by the evolutionary Christian mystic, Bruce Sanguin (author of If Darwin Prayed,  “The Cross is not a shadow of death, but a sign of progress.”

I am continually dismayed by the disconnect between all the good scholarship that’s being done in theology, christology, and biblical studies and what comes down to us on the parish level. I’m grateful this year to Pastor Ruth E. Shaver, who created A Service with Communion for Faith, Science and Technology Sunday. It appeared in the Evolution Weekend newsletter and I hope that more and more resources like this will be forthcoming.

We are listed as participants on the website (which is where the aforementioned blog found us) Although the official Evolution Weekend is this coming weekend, our main event will be next week when we’ll have an evolutionary biologist as our speaker. More about that later.

For now . . .



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