Posted by: smstrouse | November 5, 2016

Vote Faithfully!


These are difficult and challenging times for our local communities, our country, and the world. Divisive and heated rhetoric dominate the public dialogue. More and more people are withdrawing from engagement in the political process out of a growing sense of cynicism and mistrust. Now, more than ever, your voice and your efforts are needed. As people of faith, we can play a unique role in this election cycle by empowering every voice in our congregations and offering a hope-filled vision of the future for all people.   – from the Vote Faithfully toolkit 

The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America , the United Church of Christ, and The Episcopal Church have joined together in observing the Sunday before Election Day as “Vot14729194_10154661062009513_907259908628772441_ne Faithfully Sunday.”

Whether you’re a member of one of these churches or another church or no church at all . . .


As we remember the words of Jesus:
The Spirit of God is upon me
because the Most High has anointed me
to bring Good News to those who are poor.
God has sent me to proclaim liberty to those held captive,
recovery of sight to those who are blind,
and release to those in prison. – Luke 4:18
As we reflect on candidate’s attitudes and positions on:
the environment
the economy
prison reform
human rights . . .










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