Posted by: smstrouse | May 31, 2018

E.R.A: One More State!

New York Times headline today:
Illinois Ratifies the Equal Rights Amendment. One More to Go. 

16115007_10210618735357871_4578684579538322641_nThe NY Times article very nicely explains the origin of the E.R.A. and what has brought it to life again. It also explains that one more ratification doesn’t automatically make equal rights for women the law of the land. In fact, the article says we should “expect a legal showdown, intense lobbying and constitutional fireworks.” (So what else is new in today’s political climate?

On the morning of the Women’s March in Washington, I was thrilled to IMG_3883_previewattend Congresswoman Jackie Speir’s breakfast to kick off a new push to get this done (see photobomb below). Tonight, I am thrilled that her (and others’) work is paying off. 

I know that there are still many obstacles on the path to equal rights under the law. I also know that the law is not the only way to dismantle patriarchy. The church has to be involved as well – reexamining scripture and tradition and changing its language and practices. 

But tonight I applaud the state of Illinois. It certainly is wonderful to get some good news for a change. While #45 and his minions continue to dismantle democracy, we continue to resist.
Dismantle patriarchy!








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