Posted by: smstrouse | January 25, 2019

NPR Discovers the Religious Left

religious_leftI’ve had this bumper sticker on my car for maybe 10 years. I should say cars because I used to lease a new car every few years and now have settled on my beloved Honda CR-Z. So I have bought a number of these stickers, and have also given a number of them away.  I should buy them in bulk from CafePress!

I can’t tell you how many times I have been approached in parking lots by someone 2019-01-25 13.52.55 hdr saying, “I love your bumper sticker!” The most recent time, I was at our local recycling center. As I was separating my plastic film from the hard plastic, a woman called out that she liked my bumper sticker.
I said, “Thanks.”
She said, “I don’t know if we’re the same religion.”
I said, “It doesn’t matter.” 

We ended up talking, introducing ourselves, finding which organizations we both belonged to, what people we both know. She’s Jewish; I’m Lutheran. You might be surprised to know the commonalities we discovered. You might also be surprised to find that this is the so-called “secular” San Francisco Bay Area. 

A piece from National Public Radio today declared:
Provoked By Trump, The Religious Left Is Finding Its Voice

Good to know. But we’ve been out here for a while. And maybe we’ve been too quiet. More likely is the fact that it’s been hard to get the media to pay attention until recently. But that’s OK; they’re paying attention now.

I say get your bumper stickers and buttons and flaunt them proudly. Join the Religious Left Facebook page. Let everyone, especially the media, know that we have a voice and we’d love to talk to them. unknown


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